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        Attorney Naumovski has gained indepth knowledge on the weaknesses that can exist in a typical DUI/DWI prosecution which can lead to a dismissal or reduction of the charge.  This knowledge has been obtained by way of every day practical experience trying DUI/DWI cases as well as having obtained specialized training, including being the ONLY DUI attorney in the Hampton Roads area CERTIFIED in Forensic Sobriety Assessment which includes NSHTA standards (same standards used to train Virginia Police Officers and Troopers).  Visit the law firm's DUI specific website by clicking on "learn more".
            Criminal Charges                 Misdemeanors/Felonies/Bond Hearings
           There are over 14 different types of reckless driving charges in Virginia.  All of them are classified as class 1 criminal misdemeanors and carry the potential for jail time, suspension of driving privleges and and a large court fine.  From reckless driving by speed to general reckless driving, including due to an accident, the law firm has successfully represented hundreds of clients for reckless driving throughout the Hampton Roads area.  
               Our clients include car race drivers, military officers and enlisted members from all branches, high ranking business executives, graduate and college students, high school students, and law enforcement.
     Quality Legal Representation does not have to be elusive nor prohibitively expensive.  Attorney John Naumovski has handled a wide variety of criminal cases ranging from traffic-criminal such as Hit and Runs, Driving on Suspended License, Reckless Driving, Driving Under the Infleunce  as well as robberies,  burglaries, gun charges, abductions, conspiracy related charges, misdemeanor and felony drug possession and PWID charges, larceny based cases, failure to appear charges, assault and batteries, domestic violence, fraud and figuratively everything in between.  
        Being charged with a criminal offense is a scary experience for many people.  Not only is an individual looking at the possible consequences of a conviction but the reality that the opposing party is the State itself with its experienced law enforcement and Prosecutors trying to secure a conviction.
        The best way to level the playing field is with an attorney who will defend your statutory and Constitutional rights, who will take the Commonwealth to task on proving the evidentiary  burdens of reasonable suspension based on articulate facts involving stops, probable cause and beyond a reasonable doubt. 
         Start your legal defense in the right direction by making the winning decision of calling for a free initial consultation.
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